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Jojo or JoJo is a common nickname for people whose name begins with "Jo", which is in process of developing into a name in its own right[citation needed]. Jojo may refer to:

JoJo (singer) (born 1990), American entertainer
JoJo (album), her 2004 debut album
Lil Jojo, Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter
JoJo Billingsley, an American singer, soloist, songwriter and recording artist
Jojo Garza, American musician, member of Los Lonely Boys
Joel "JoJo" Hailey, American R&B singer, half of K-Ci & JoJo
John "JoJo" Hermann, American musician, keyboardist for Widespread Panic
Jo Jo Hoo Kim, Jamaican reggae record producer
Jo Jo Laine (1953–2006), American singer, model, actress, and rock groupie
Jojo Mayer (born 1963), Swiss drummer
Jonathan "JoJo" Richman, American proto-punk singer-songwriter
Joseph "JoJo" Simmons, member of Team Blackout mostly known on Run's House
"Jojo", a single by Boz Scaggs from his 1980 album Middle Man
Jojo, a character in the Beatles song "Get Back"

Jojó (footballer born 1970), Mozambiquan defender on the 1998 African Cup of Nations Team of the Tournament
Jojo Duncil (born 1983), Filipino professional basketball player
Jo Jo English (born 1970), American professional basketball player
Jojo Lastimosa (born 1964), Filipino professional basketball player
Jo-Jo Moore (1908–2001), American professional baseball player
Jo-Jo Reyes (born 1984), American professional baseball pitcher
JoJo Starbuck (born 1951), American figure skater
Jo-Jo Townsell (born 1960), American professional football player
Jo Jo White (born 1946), American professional basketball player

JoJo's Circus, an American children's TV show featuring the character JoJo Tickle
Jojo the Kissing Bandit, a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender trading card game
Jojo Lapus, a showbiz columnist and screenwriter
Mojo Jojo, a simian character in the American animated TV show The Powerpuff GirlsJejomar Binay (born 1942), nicknamed JoJo, Philippine Vice-President and former mayor of Makati
Jojo Chintoh (born c. 1940), Canadian television journalist
Jōjō Masashige (1545–1643), Japanese samurai of the 16th and 17th centuries
Jojo Moyes (born 1969), British novelist
JoJo Ryder
JoJo Savard, Canadian self-proclaimed psychic
Jo-Jo The Dog-Faced Boy, Fedor Jeftichew, Russian–American sideshow performer of the late 1800s
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, a manga, anime, and video game in which every protagonist's name can be read as JoJo
Jojo, a 1988 novel by Roger Caron
Jojo, a protagonist in the musical Seussical, as well as the book Horton Hears a Who!, on which the musical was partly based.
Jo Jo Dancer, the title character, played by Richard Pryor, in the film Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is
Jojos, a kind of food, also known as potato wedges
Yo-yo (disambiguation)




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